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I’ve Moved!


I’m impatient, and on occasion impetuous.

If you’re reading this in a feedreader, welcome to my new self-hosted site! Yes, I did post just this morning contemplating it, but it’s been on my mind for several weeks. Seeing Pike of Aspect of the Hare migrate over to self-hosting this morning was simply the catalyst for me to finish what I’d started.

There are definite advantages to going self hosted now:

  • I’m relatively new to the blogosphere, so I don’t risk losing TOO many readers (all 10 of you!) in the shuffle
  • The lack of javascript on wordpress.com was just really bothering me
  • I can do all sorts of new things like the wowhead tooltips, and CommentLuv!

If you’ve linked to me in posts or blogrolls (thank you!), please update your links to http://www.musingsofaraider.com.

I still have some work to do, but I think this is the way to go for the long haul.


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Is it bad that I’m considering going to self hosting simply to have the ability to add the wowhead tooltips?  WordPress.com doesn’t allow javascript, so my cheapie fix has been the SNAPshots, which doesn’t really do that much.

Even I got a headache trying to use my gear list well.

Thoughts from those of you that went selfhosted with wordpress?

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Shiny Newness!

See that shiny new blog banner up there?  Hehe, my little Isis, she’s musing!

Compliments of thematrixhasme on the wow_ladies group on Livejournal.

She promised she’d let me know when she got her portfolio online, and I’d give her a little link love.

Until then – thanks!

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