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Due to a lack of raiding the last few weeks, I’ve been attempting to level my someday-Resto druid.

She stepped foot into Outland yesterday.  I’ve been in Outland for ages on Isis, but stepping through that gate still feels epic.

She did her first set of quests, and has started collecting new feral gear – let the clowning begin!

I’m so excited for Wrath to come out – if it feels this epic to walk into Outland, I can’t wait to see what Northrend has waiting for us.


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Hello, my name is Isis, and it’s been eight days since my last raid.

Hello Isis.

Eight days. *twitch*

Less than a week after our impromptu guild meeting about how we wanted to keep raiding until Lich King came out, people stopped showing up. Three raids in a row have been canceled due to lack of people. Now that there’s an actual date for the release, expansionitis has hit my guild hard.

Maybe I’ll take some of Dechion’s suggestions for dealing with expansionitis.

Guess I’ll go level one of my girls. My shammy and druid have been waiting for some level love.

Image Credits: Christina Snyder

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I love raiding, I truly do. But sometimes, it scares the crap out of me.

Meet my new nightmare:

The Bogeyman

We had our first night of tries against Teron Gorefiend. If you’ve not done the fight before, the gimmick is that every 30 seconds, a raider turns into a ghost and has to fight Shadowy Constructs. They can hurt the raid (brutally), but only the ghosted player can hurt them. It’s up to that person to save the entire raid from a wipe.

No pressure or anything.

So, try #1. Don’t let me get the constructs, don’t let me get the constructs…
I get the constructs. >.< No big deal, we were in the middle of a wipe anyway, but at least I had a chance to realize my bar mod put the abilities I need to use on my pet bar, instead of my main bar. Good to know.

Tries two and three – I lucked out. We wiped before the rng could hate on me.

Try #4 – Don’t let me get the constructs, don’t let me get the constructs…
I’m the first person to get the debuff! This is bad, I’m the only person ghosted, no one is going to be there to help me, this is all on me… and I choke. Completely. I got one shackle off, a couple of lances to slow them down, but my constructs were rampaging through the raid inside of 20 seconds. I failed miserably.

I hate this fight. I hate screwing up and causing a wipe, a repair bill, and wasted time for 24 other people. I hate that sinking feeling when I realize I just let everyone down when they were all counting on me to do this job.

My guild is great – this was a learning night, and no one was upset about the night of wipes. We needed people to get used to dealing with the constructs. And yet, my twisted little head decides to take this burden on personally – I screwed up, and we would have won if I hadn’t choked. That sinking sensation is driven home even further when someone says “Don’t worry, guys, it’s easy! Play the simulation game and you’ll get it in no time!”

If it’s easy, I must really suck.

I love raiding, I truly do; it’s just that sometimes I feel more like a liability than an asset.

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For my guild, Mount Hyjal is becoming more and more “our instance.”

I’m not sure why that is. Black Temple trash can drag on and on, and it feels like it takes us forever to get to a boss or do any serious killing. In Mount Hyjal, on the other hand, you don’t have a choice – you’re gonna keep moving whether you like it or not!

Last night, we one shot everything up to Archimonde. We’ve done that for three weeks straight. After the raiding slump we’d had a couple of months ago, it’s a great feeling to see everyone online and at the portal, the raid starting on time, and people knowing what’s going on.

Three more people got their first piece of T6, and when Kaz’rogal finally coughed up the Leggings of Channeled Elements, I grinned when our resident drug lord had more dkp than I did – this woman works hard to keep us prepared!

Why I love Mount Hyjal

Tips and Tricks

  • Trash – Learn to love your Shackle! It really helps if priests are given Raid Assistant status so they can mark their own target; it helps prevent overwriting each other and makes life easier for the Raid Leader. /focus is your friend! For bosses that need Shadow Protection, rebuff the raid with your Prayer during waves 7 and 8.
  • Rage Winterchill – Tank and spank! Watch your aggro if Death and Decay lands on the tank. Otherwise, enjoy the smooth ride.
  • Anetheron – Spread out! Be sure to keep Vampiric Embrace up to help your healers, since the Carrion Swarm ability can have a nasty effect on healing output.
  • Kaz’rogal – Pray. Okay, really, learn to manage your mana. Throw on as much shadow resist gear as you can. Mana pot early and often, use your shadowfiend, and make friends with a druid for innervate (remember, if they’re in your group, they get mana back when you have the mana to do damage!). When you’re learning the fight, don’t be afraid to use a low mana cost rotation – just DoTs and Mind Flay.
  • Azgalor – Shadow Resist Gear! Be ready to run out of the Rain of Fire, Power Word: Shielding on the go. Have health pots, health stones, and bandages handy. Shadow priests are at a disadvantage on this fight, since we don’t have the range that other casters do (damn you, Mind Flay!), so situational awareness is key.
  • Most Important Tip – HAVE FUN!

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