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Post Your Bank!

My real life closet is also full of stuff I should get rid of.

I blame Pike for this.

Clicky for a bigger view!

I LOVE Baud Manifest.  It really helps me keep stuff sorted.

So, let’s see what we’ve got:

  1. Pets – Yay freed up bag space in WotLK!
  2. LoLGear – We had a guild meeting in Stormwind Park and were forbidden from wearing raid gear.
  3. Currency – Yay freed up bag space in WotLK!
  4. Recipes – I’ll level my cooking someday … really…
  5. Quest – I don’t know what half this stuff is for.
  6. Armor – Old stuff I’m scared to throw away, and a Black Rose from my boy
  7. Misc – Those snowballs are fun in July >.>
  8. Consumable – More stuff I should throw away
  9. Gem – even MORE stuff I should throw away or sell
  10. Trade goods – Tailoring/Enchanting stuffs

It’s pretty organized, but still full of crap.

Now – what to do with those Badges of Justice? Buy the Tormented Demonsoul Robes for leveling (since Frozen Shadoweave is getting nerfed) or buy gems and sell them?

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Naxx 25 gear – I Want it Nao!

I was poking around mmo-champion and saw this:

Gosh, that’s pretty. Even the name gives me chills!

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Know Your Lore is one of my favorite columns on WoW Insider.

Recently, they did a piece on Stalvan Mistmantle. You remember him, right Alliance folks? Crazy guy in Duskwood, fell in love with a girl he tutored, ended up murdering her entire family? Seriously psycho.

This is the part that struck me:

He attacks you, you kill him, and bring his ring to Madame Eva. Then you get your choice of two rewards: One is an axe that he probably used to murder the Flintridge family, the other his ring.

I carried around the axe that psychotic used to massacre an entire family?

Holy crap. I guess I never really thought of the quest rewards in terms of the lore. That seriously creeps me out; bad mojo. What other potentially cursed items have I carried with me in my travels? Have I been wearing armor and jewelery and trinkets that “the bad guys” were wearing when they committed their evil deeds?

I think I need to go to the Cathedral and get some mental cleansing.

Image credits: levi_sz

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